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Orthodontic Services

What is orthodontics?
Orthodontic treatment like braces helps move teeth that are crooked or that do not fit right together. By fixing these problems, orthodontics can alsdo help keep youir mouth healthy. Crooked teeth can be harder to clean, putting you at risk for cavities and gum disease. Using x-rays and other tools, your dentist will decide if orthodintic treatments are right for you.
When should I begin treatment?
The best age is between 10 and 14. This is when a child’s head and mouth are still growing and teeth are easier to straighten, but patient’s can get braces at any age. In fact, more and more adults are getting braces.
The most common orthodontic treatment is braces.
Braces consist of bands, wires, and brackets. They gently move teeth into the right position and fix the way you bite together. There are different types of braces. The most common are metal or plastic brackets attached to the front surface of teeth. “ Lingual” braces attached to the back of teeth are hidden from view but harder to clean.
Here are some tips to cut down on treatment time:
  • Practice good oral health
  • Use tools designed for braces, like floss threaders, interdental brushes, and electric toothbrushes specifically designed for orthodontics.
  • Use an antibacterial mouthwash.
Protect your braces:
  • Don’t chew on pens, straws, or ice cubes.
  • Don’t bite your nails or play with elastics.
  • Don't eat hard or sticky foods

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